Mandala Museum of weapons in Bandung

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Mandala Museum of weapons in Bandung

Famous Bandung city as a whole Ultimate museums tell about the history of Indonesia or the history of this city and the Museum Mandala is one of these museums made famous in the city Banodnj where the museum is located in Bandung, West Java, close to many museums such as the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Asia and Africa, has been opened by Indonesian President Suharto to document the struggle of Indonesia for its independence and museum contains a cultural history of military long to Indonesia starts from the Dutch Indies and weapons that were used in ancient times of spears and arrows and daggers and machetes and improvised weaponry before entering the development and the drum was used to declare war and Molotov cocktails and the history of Japanese colonialism.

The museum houses many paintings that represent the periods of wars, colonization and move the museum to another development of the ancient weapons from pistols and rifles, grenades and rail old tools old ambulances were used in wars and radios old defender and then to the modern era in Indonesia, where armored personnel made carriers in Indonesia and defender the armored vehicles, military submarines sophisticated technological weapons museum offers Special offer for various weapons and spare rare did not see them before and valuable information about the development of weapons and the museum is open from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon and his visit is a great cultural tour in museums Indonesia.

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