Malcolm Park in Bandung

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Malcolm Park in Bandung

Bandung is the garden city or so nicknamed as one of the tourist cities in Indonesia was not this title is only as a result do not dispersion gardens and natural forests all over this city, and park owners is one of the unique gardens, which are located in Bandung on 6000 square meters where it was established in 1919 between the Jalan Ambon and Aceh is known for its garden statue has a height of four meters a statue of a man wearing a robe and holding an open book in his hand with hanging on the left chest badge, one of those who served in the Aceh war in 1873 has survived this statue of the Japanese occupation, which destroyed the Dutch statues similar found in Bandung elsewhere so this statue has a wide reputation so named after the park on behalf of the statue.

And enjoy the garden atmosphere of tropical forests and emblazoned in the middle of elegant fountain and flowers, lotus and leafy trees and wooden benches to rest inside the park and lighting columns add Jamali character of the park and the old park was Abarhan green open space, but now the government has set up a fence, up two and a half meters around the park to protect them from any sabotage where there is a lot of tropical trees and plants that mature or be protected and garden three entrances to central, as a result of its vast area, one of the best parks in Bandutq.

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