Kambliss commercial market in Bandung

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Kambliss commercial market in Bandung

In the famous Kambliss Street is the largest special commercial market CNN Walk in West Java Bandung as the Sheraton is located just 30 minutes from the mall. If you like to test the shopping trip interact with the local population in Bandung, this mall is a destination ideal for you The location of the mall strategic him face many visitors to the group miscellaneous shops that attract visitors to it,

Market extends for a distance of 2 km from the sides of the road where he will witness many Factory Outlets and trendy goods from clothes and shoes and Accessories It offers experience Ultimate shopping as the CSS for the commercial market place makes hiking in delayed great fun, where is a safe place to shop with the kids,

Market is the three levels where the allocated section of the three-dimensional cinema which is available for viewing movies in which all days of the week and there is open for shopping also area is divided into three first of the young street sections, which is a popular destination for many young people in Indonesia, where spreads delayed restaurants that offer meals Indonesian appetite, snacks, fast food and pastries as well as coffee shops, which offers them a variety of drinks

Broadway department is another department in the open area in the mall, where features a variety of restaurants in the kitchens of China and the Asian world-famous restaurants, a distinctive musical Eaverat distinctive,

The last section is the Union Square where many events and musical are held and spread it too many cafes and international restaurants, this privileged status does not crave it any kind of delicious cuisine, but you’ll find a restaurant brought to you, the place is a row GENERAL very safe and worth the trip to him.

hotel deals in bandung


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