Indonesia Museum

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Indonesia Museum

It is a museum of human and Ethnology science and is located in Jakarta and Taman Museum is concentrated on the arts and cultures of different ethnic groups and includes traditional and contemporary arts Kaharv traditional costumes from different regions of the country

The museum was designed Kjzo an integral part of Taman Mini complex and is considered as a center of education for a culture of Indonesia was opened in 1975 under the auspices of Mr Tien Suharto is decorated building is a Balinese architecture from the outside but from the inside is decorated with ornaments and statues worn in addition to his great beauty garden

The building consists of Thelalat floors On the first floor displays traditional dress and bridal fashion is rich Indonesian dress which is different in different cultures, traditions and customs

The second floor is designed to shed light on the interactions of the Indonesian people with nature and the environment and show how homes and living spaces room and places the kitchen presence, bedroom and favorite colors for each place and the tools used in everyday human life, such as cooking utensils and fishing and agriculture planning

The third floor presents traditional and contemporary arts and cutting craft Indonesian traditional textiles and beautiful sculptures and featured on this floor is a sculpture made of natural beautiful tree called the Tree Kalpater and a height of 8 meters and display 4 meters and this tree is a symbol of nature and the universe and contain five basic elements such as wind, water, wind, earth and fire

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