forest park

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forest park

Forest Park is located on the road to Dago, just seven kilometers from the city of Bandung, where up forest area to 600 acres of forests, waterfalls, caves and cleats, established forests in 1912 Gardens as forests are protected by the Dutch Indies, where similar to the Bogor Botanical Gardens, but the trees Bogor largest parks and forests enjoy the trees and rare plants and several waterfalls like Dago waterfall and waterfall to waterfall Mareeba where you can enjoy a swim in the springs and exercise in places dedicated to it.

From more places populated of by tourists Japanese caves hosted by the Japanese in World War in 1942 as a place to hide in the war and the cave consists of four dedicated to break the leader and caves Dutch interior rooms and is wider than the Japanese caves was founded in 1941 as a place to protect soldiers in the days of war barracks in the heart nature and parks has a charming course includes 2500 species of plants and different kinds of birds and visit the forest is a low-cost tourist destinations where there is near many transportation will take you to it that Aominha to any other place will spend between the charming nature of quality time and enjoy the caves and landscapes of the Falls and you’ll find near there are many restaurants that offer delicious cuisine and cafes that offer warm drinks.

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