five things we must do in Bandung Indonesia


5 things we must do in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung City, a famous tourist destination to spend weekends with locals and the many tourists who find them a safe haven to escape the noise and bustle of the capital, Jakarta, and spend time shopping and eating and relaxing as the city gives visitors a flavor of Indonesian complete.

To find out the most important things that can be performed by the tourist while visiting Bandung continued the following list: –

· Shopping sales at factory outlets

We may not be an exaggeration if we say that no one goes to visit Bandung and do not come back empty-handed The city offers great opportunities in shopping international brands priced close to half of their prices outside of Indonesia at a time when these ports are not limited to the sale of specific goods, but rather extends to all types of clothing, bags, leather goods, shoes and others.

One visit to places like (Jl Riau) and (Jl Dago) will certainly not enough and you’ll find yourself re-visit several times to complete everything you want to buy it.

· Eat during sunset

If you’re a fan of nature and loves to see the sunset do not deprive yourself of this opportunity as long as you are on a visit to Bandung, and to reserve your seat in one of the mountain restaurants that offer good food and spectacle of the carob of the glass windows.

· Shopping and wandering in Barrow Market

Barrow market is a historic market in Bandung and is a summary of the city markets, both in terms of quantity of goods and exhibits or prices or overcrowding Boutrqat and market stores, which is the first destination for tourists interested in shopping and buy souvenirs, everything you need to get a good deal in Barrow Market proficiency skill bargaining and extreme caution when handling.

· Watched art performances at Saung Angklung Udjo

A good opportunity to get closer to the Indonesian civilization and recognize the artistic temperament of the Indonesian people to go to attend the traditional music concerts that provide over two hours punctuated by technical breaks else like puppetry and dance contests and masquerade dance shows with puppet theater.

· Roam the slopes of rice farms

Many of the tourists who visit the Bandung for the first time do not know that there is a natural spectacle can not be missed to visit the city, a curfew in the rice farms, which are located on high mountain slopes and walk between the narrow roads as an opportunity for recreation and closer to the natural forms in primitive.


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