Dago Plaza bandung

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Dago Plaza bandung

In Bandung you’ll find many commercial centers that satisfy Ahqk shopping, a variety in levels and services offered by the market and Dago is one of the commercial centers that provide tourist experience of a new kind,

Dago Plaza is located in the heart of a region in the LG Gonda in the heart of Bandung, where a magnet Important locals and tourists for residents of both the mall becomes more Azhama in the times of the afternoon as it represents a gathering site for young artists to wander and stroll along to all the hobbies of enjoyment for young people,

Is a commercial entertainment center more than a place to shop, but if you want to shop for clothes you’ll need to turn to Jalan factory outlet near the mall but if you want to enjoy the Ultimate times with your friends Many of the activities that you can play her experience at the Mall of Dago For example, there is a wonderful place to karaoke with family and friends as there is in Dago pool halls and other miscellaneous activities for times of fun along Mmjmuah of restaurants and cafes that are spread throughout the mall and offers gourmet cuisine,

The place is very crowded by tourists and locals, but the busiest times at the weekend when they are held in place concerts live loud broadcast in Radio Bandung this also Dago Mall you will find is a popular destination for many Alandunsan artists where he remains mole working for hours at night, which experience Ultimate entertainment in Bandung.

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hotel deals in bandung


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