City Games in Jakarta, Indonesia Anchol | Dunia Fantasi

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City Games in Jakarta, Indonesia  Anchol | Dunia Fantasi

City Games in Jakarta, Indonesia

Anchol ancol area

Anchol .. .. large recreational area is located west of the capital Jakarta .. totally .. Anchol Beach family will be happy to visit for the presence of entertainment that suits children and adults alike .. Do not forget the young people it is suitable for them .. and also have the presence of a car to travel between recreational sites .. because after recreational sites for each walk .. but with the car takes to move from one location to another only a few minutes.

Remember that taxis in the area Anchol do not use the fare meter .. because they agree with each other on a flat rate to move from one location to another .. calculates 30 thousand rupees for a single journey.

So would prefer that you do not have a driver that are consistent with a private driver for a few hours, at the request of the hotel which mainly provide driver pick you up for the Anchol and stays with you until the end of your visit, and then return to the hotel at $ 200 thousand rupees only .. and so instead of moving from one taxi to other then the price rises beyond 200 thousand rupees.

image Oenshol Beach: Quiet beach far from the noise of the city .. you can visit, and control the waves movement, duration and islands .. nice visit daylight hours, and will be the most beautiful hours of the night .. available by the restaurants and vendors of hot and cold beverages, as well as mobile vendors .. beautiful beach. . you will enjoy walking along its length, which amount to several kilometers .. In the daytime you can go surfing trip near the beach aboard a sailing ship.

Donia Vntaci: the largest amusement park in Indonesia, which includes hundreds of different and wonderful and dedicated to adults and kids games .. It also includes a theater to offer theatrical performances comic for kids .. and also enjoy taking a walk in the parks or sitting in any corner and enjoy cold drinks or ice cream, or buy gifts stalls scattered everywhere .. and offers amusements lyrical offers through a small theater .. I would advise who visited Jakarta to visit amusement minimum Vntaci especially for the families they visit will be more fascinating for children.

gelanggan samudra. Which visitors can enjoy watching birds deals and monkeys and sea lions, dolphins, and took a train trip within this region.

Water Park .. It pools in the area where Anchol .. that you watch integrated zone of different pools for kids and adults .. very nice area for swimming enthusiasts.

Sea World Seaworld .. This closed area, which is the second largest region in the continent of Asia, which is investigating you to watch live marine organisms which drenched behind glass or in private pools, exotic and rare and very beautiful objects .. Also located in this region a glass corridor overwhelmingly like you’re in show sea organisms at your right hand and your left hand and even over you.

ancol bay .. in this region marine restaurants are available very excellent, where you can choose fresh fish to be cooked for you on the way that you want, and eat it on the also the beach from which to savor seeing the sunset behind the sea .. In this area there are huts overlooking the sea directly possible hire and where to stay

ice world .. the world of ice is nice .. Where prepares you to see this closed decorated with snow the place, from the decorations and statues and designed snow and many other things .. you can roam all over the place and you’re wearing a suit to protect you from the degree of high cold .. the place is worth a visit. . especially for families .. certainly children will love this place.

Chairlifts Oenshol .. In fact, along the beach, you can ride and watch Oenshol entertainment from top area attractions, as well as the beach is angry that extends until the horizon waves.

Bandar Jakarta restaurant .. restaurant dishes freely, gourmet too .. prices a bit high, but worth the experience, do not miss visiting the restaurant at sunset and enjoy eating on the scene falling disk of the sun behind the distant horizon.

Marina Oenshol .. You through this marina visit near Oenshol shore islands and the distance to it vary, the most famous nearby island of islands (Air) .. You can visit dedicated this marina office, looking at their presentations, to visit several islands at one time or sufficiency on the island, and the type of boat eyeballs in flight.

Lake .. It is an artificial lake mediated heart Oenshol, you can rent a boat blasphemed bipeds and roaming across the lake, a beautiful experience, matching children and adults alike.

Hotel (Markiyor) .. four-star seaside directly .. beautiful hotel who wanted to escape the noise of the city will find it quiet and romantic climate and safe at the same time.

Hotel (RIDDEN) .. .. quiet four-star hotel and a beautiful landscape .. surrounded by tall trees and water ponds, which windows of the

rooms overlook them.

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