Bandung SuperMall

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Bandung SuperMall

BSM is an abbreviation for this magnificent mall, which is located in Bandung and the mall will not be difficult for you to be found it busy and Shahyrjadda in region as it comes to him many of the locals and tourists for the trip Ultimate Shopping

The mall called packet giant shoes architectural Valtaraz posed by the building suggests a fund from a distance, but you’ll find in this mall many stores distinguished and diverse along with a variety of restaurants offering fast food KFC and Pizza Hut and Managtss and Fried Chicken along with cafes famous like Starbucks and other miscellaneous cafes that offer drinks

Not only cafes and restaurants are what characterize this place, but that international brands have a significant share of the shops that are spread across the mall from the Boss, Marks & Spencer, Polo, Puma, Gucci, Mango also so it unique shopping experience,

But if you’re looking for foodstuffs and consumer goods lower Vtabak Super boasts a very large supermarket find a lot of goods Algmaah also where you’ll find consumer household appliances are various,

The upper part of the mall is open place to relax between shopping trip and get meals or drinks from restaurants that dot the place, also features a small amusement park recreational place for children by a group of distinctive games,

You do not have to go to a lot of places, if you’re near Bandung, this mall featured a lot of shops and diverse Azugaha levels which satisfy tourists dramatically.

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hotel deals in bandung


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