Bandung Istana Plaza Market

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Bandung Istana Plaza Market

Like many cities in the world are full of the cities of Indonesia as a whole distinct from the shopping centers and that number is growing daily all over the place and a Bandung Indonesian cities that are full of a whole distinct from the various shopping centers that form factor is a major tourist attraction in this city,

Alastana Plaza is one of the most popular shopping centers in Bandung is located this mall in the heart of the city where the famous bakeries that are spread on the ground floor in the center which is famous Ballvaiv baked fresh You’ll also find cafes that attract, along with bakeries crowd of visitors from lovers pastries and coffee, while the famous restaurants they are spread in the other floors

The first stores are spread in this mall is Sun’s book shop in which you’ll find any of the guidebooks tourist are looking for, more than one language and in the special arrangement will also find mentors Alsaahin in this chain of stores and you’ll find a group of strings famous restaurants offering fast food and snacks, where There is a wonderful place to take a break between shopping and get a delicious meal.

Ice skating rink are more things that distinguish this mall is located near the Hall of restaurants where you’ll find there are a moving staircase at the end will test the antifreeze in the rink as you’ll find in the ring trainers who will help you to ski for the first time, so he is the most famous tourist sites teeming with tourists over time, especially on holidays.

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hotel deals in bandung


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