Bandung electronics market

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Bandung electronics market

Electronics market is located at the item 15 Jalan Barna and Armand in Bandung, which is the best place to see the latest Maouselt technology in Indonesia, the world market and consists of four floors and includes market a range of sophisticated electronic appliances, and the third floor and the fourth set of advanced laptop such as HP devices and Apple and Toshiba Samsung distinctive and affordable prices ranging from Rs 7000000 and 10000000 rupees but you need to ensure the safety of the battery attached to the device sometimes be faulty

But if you’re looking for a cell phone you will find there is a large variety of devices Internatioanl and everything related special accessories to these phones, and spare parts and from these phones BlackBerry, iPhone, Alandorad, and the latest versions of Nokia and many brands and original art camel devices in addition to devices Chinese mobile prices there are negotiable

The market also includes household advanced equipment and the latest aluminum LCD monitors and advanced digital Alrsvroalcamarat located within the center market for the sale of electronic devices used by mobile phones and a laptop, where up device 4000000 rupees and other devices price and there are parts of the devices and charger for batteries and mobile segment Almimori Upstairs find Hall of restaurants offering different types of foods and kiosks to provide snacks and various drinks to relax after a round wonderful in this wonderful place.

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hotel deals in bandung


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