Asia & Afrika museum in bandung

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Asia & Afrika museum in bandung

Founded the museum in 1980 in Bandung, West on 7500 square meters of Java has proposed the idea of the museum, Dr. Mochtar Kusuma Tmadja Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Conference of the Asian-African where the idea met welcomed by President Suharto and collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Information and the University Badjajaran and the Labour Party have been the establishment of the museum in Jeadeng Merdeka, where the museum featuring the history outside the political struggle in Indonesia

Since the first African Summit Asia on April 24, 1955 which is a situation in which the principles of cooperation between the peoples of Asia and Africa to participate in the creation of world peace, where he developed ten principles to guide the colonized peoples in the struggle for independence and to promote peace and became a conference of the most important to determine the course of world history and events factors which incurred it made Mardeka in Bandung source of inspiration for the people of Asian, African and museum featuring detailed images of the actual meetings, which the third world leaders, well-known shows such as Ho Chi of Wuchuan Enlai and Suharto also includes a document of principles that have been developed and museum featuring a manner characteristic presentation where You can find the political history of Indonesia and many of the peoples of Asia and Africa in a unique way.

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