Antiques market in Jakarta pasar paro


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Antiques market in Jakarta pasar paro

Pasar Baru is one of the oldest existing markets in Jakarta, where he is due to Taikh in 1820 during the colonial era of colonization, where the Dutch moved the idea of this quality of markets across the European traders,

He was known as Pasar was marked by the market offer antiques and collectibles, place and hand Lovers these acquisitions of furniture and antiques, cameras and clocks and lamps and there are also several shops of different fabrics and numbers of weavers craft as you’ll find there Pasar years and is adjacent to the shopping center

It also contains stalls for meals appetite Indonesian stalls offering hot cakes and stalls for clothes Almstamlhobacr Tanah Wayang which was founded in 1735 and is one of the largest trading centers and wholesale textiles and goods that are distributed in various parts of Indonesia, located Passard in Manggarai area near the heart of Jakarta, the market Bicycle new Air Used It The broad market handicraft products manufactured by women in Indonesia is suitable as souvenirs

And attracts the market mechanism many collectors and people who want to get their clothes at low prices as well as used vehicles along with everything you’re looking for the goods and products Used, all under the roof of this place Valtsouk in these places is a unique experience of its kind for this is well worth a visit.

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